Why does the metric time series graph look bursty or irregular for a sound, hashtag, or creator?

Yoav Zimmerman
Yoav Zimmerman
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If a time series graph on a report looks something like the following for Cumulative or Growth, then read on:



What is the issue? 

This issue can sometimes show up when a metric grows to more than 1m. After a sound, hashtag, or creator reaches this point, TikTok stops reporting on the "real number" behind the metric and only reports a rounded number to the closest 100,000 (e.g. 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.2m, etc). As a result, Trendpop only measures the metric increase or decrease when it changes by a full 100,000. 

For example, in the graphs above, a metric reach a value of 1.0 million around October 13th. After that, TikTok did not report any increase in the metric value until it changed to 1.1 million on October 16th, and again to 1.2 million on October 27th. As a result, Trendpop reported an increase of 100k on October 16th and another increase of 100k on October 27th. 

What is a good solution? 

The Trendpop engineering team is aware of this issue and working on revamping our time series system to "smooth" out the graph and report a metric is more accurate to the true underlying growth! Please email us at support@trendpop.com for the latest estimate on the fix. 

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