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What is it?

Users are now able to view top-line data and historical data from the video report page. Allowing the user to see how video is performing today and how it performs over a period of time. 

How It Works:

How to find a video report

  • Search the video report from the header search bar with a tiktok URL


  • Search the video report from any of the video table


  • Click to open up the preview modal


What’s in the video report ?

  • TikTok Icon: click on the tiktok icon will take you to the associated tiktok video page
  • PDF: click on the PDF will generate the report in PDF format
  • Favorite: click to add the video to your favorites. This also ensures the video’s tracking queue
  • Add: click to add the video to your collection. This also ensures the video’s tracking queue
  • Video Info: Basic information about the video
  • Creator Info: Information about the creator of the video
  • Sound used: Information about the sound used in the video


  • History: Historical information on video’s view, likes, comments & share
    • Choose to show/hide video’s view, likes, comments & shares by clicking/unclicking them at the header area above the graph


Why is data showing as not available?

We try to track as many videos as quickly as possible, however, we can’t track them all and might miss some videos that are important to you. You can manually add a video to our tracking queue by favoriting the video or add it to a collection! 🙏

How to make sure my video gets tracked?

  • Use the “star” icon to add your video to your favorite


  • Use the "+" icon to add your video to a collection.



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