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Ruby Yu
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You can identify the top trends in the United States by viewing the Top Creators in Trendpop.

Daily Trends by Creators

The discovery menu contains a Creator section where you can find daily trends. Click on Creators in the discovery menu or click here to open the search in your Trendpop dashboard and view daily creator trends.


Weekly & Monthly Trends by Creators

You can also find weekly & monthly trends using the same feature in Trendpop.  Click here to open the search in your Trendpop dashboard, or click Creator in the discovery tool.





What's the latest on the creator discovery

WAY more creator locations are supported in all Discover tabs, and the ability to see exactly how many creators we have in each country (see pic). Among some of the most impacted countries are US (+1.138m creators), India (+526k creators), Brazil (+427k creators), and Mexico (+262k creators).



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