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Andrew Kwan
Andrew Kwan
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For all data points that are growing rapidly, we might track them more often than the below.

  • We track all Hashtags with more than 500 videos at least once every 24 hours.
  • We track all Creators with more than 1,000 followers at least once every 24 hours.
  • We track all Sounds with more than 500 videos created at least once every 24 hours.
    • We discover new Sounds by looking at our existing database of creators and tracking when they post a new sound.
  • We track all Favorites (if a user “stars” something) at least once every 24 hours.

Demographics Data

  • How does Trendpop gather demographics data?
    1. Some text signals (bio, video descriptions)
    2. Some visual signals (profile picture)
    • We take a look at every single creator on the platform, and try to estimate their location, age, and gender by using a variety of signals:
  • Are Trendpop’s demographics data accurate? 
    • We try to prioritize accuracy over data breadth.
    • In a lot of cases, if we can’t collect enough signals, we won’t display anything. 

Engagement Score


How is your engagement calculated?

  • Video Engagement Score
    • [Likes + Comments + Shares] / Total Views
  • Creator Engagement Score
    • [Likes + Comments + Shares] / Total Views (for the most recent 30 videos)

Virality Badges


Original Sounds

    • We run most sounds that are in our database through an audio reconciliation algorithm to try to match the audio to a track release.
    • We won’t always be able to successfully match – especially if the audio qualities are excessively warped – but we’re constantly evolving our pipeline to improve our precision.
    • Our systems are more likely to catch audio of songs that are quickly growing / viral as opposed to lower rates.
    • We often / usually match the original sounds with the actual recording and display the sound recording that is used in the original sound.
  • Trendpop does a better job of audio recognition than TikTok.
    • One of our customers let us know that there was a discrepancy between TikTok’s data report and Trendpop’s data report (in our favor):
      • TikTok: 5B+ views across 12 total sounds
      • Trendpop: 10B+ views across 23 total sounds

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