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Andrew Kwan
Andrew Kwan
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Benchmark sales prospects with their competing brands with the Mentions tab via Trendpop:

Brand Mentions Benchmarking

  1. Access the benchmarking tool: https://app.trendpop.social/mentions?numResultSets=5
  2. Add up to five (5) competing brands by adding their TikTok @username or keywords.
    1. You will have the option to benchmark via one of the following methods:
    2. Videos by creator (i.e., @elfyeah, @nyxcosmetics)
    3. Videos include keyword (i.e., subaru, bmw)
    4. Videos using hashtag (i.e., #americaneagle, #hollister)
    5. Videos using artist sounds (i.e., Justin Bieber, Bella Poarch)
  3. Customize the Time Range, Granularity, and Metric for your desired benchmarking analysis.
  4. Optional: Click a bar graph to view all videos for a desired time range for a particular filter.
  5. Optional: Export the graph as a PNG for reporting purposes.

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