How do I invite additional team members to my Organization?

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As a Trendpop Admin, you are able to keep track of your team's permissions and easily add, remove, and edit team members' permission from the Settings area.  

Please note only Admins will have access to this account setting.

⚡Please make sure you have enough seats available for your plan prior to adding more users. Check  here to find out how many seats you receive for your chosen Tier.

In the Settings area, scroll down to the Users where you can: 

  1. Invite and remove team members.
  2. Manage your team's permissions: 
    ∙  Admins: Have permission to edit who is on the team, including their role, and send invites.
      Upgrade plans to get more seats


Invite new team mates to join your organization

You can invite individual team members by email:

  1. From your Setting page, select Invite User in the top right.
  2. Add your team member's email address, and click on Invite. 
  3. An invite will be sent to their email address, and once they accept, they will have access to your Workspace.
  4. To check if the team member has logged in, check last logged in to confirm.



Update your team

  1. Change roles
    Select the user next to your team member's name to reveal the picklist, then use the drop-down to toggle between Admin and User roles.
  2. Remove a member from your team
    Click the trash icon next to a team member's name to reveal the editing panel and select Remove to confirm. This action will remove the team member's access to your Trendpop account.



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