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Collections for Agency Pro users

An easy way for users to personally & collaboratively curate and maintain a collection of creators, sounds, hashtags, songs, artists, and albums.


What is it?

Users are now able to create unique personal folders, aka collections, to better organize the items they’re tracking/monitoring. Keep the collection personal, to yourself or share it with your organization. Personal collections are private to yourself, shared collection gives your team the option to add/remove items for easy collaborations. 

How It Works:

How to create a collection

  • Go to collections and click on "create new collection"


What’s the difference between a personal vs shared collection?

  • Personal collection: Only you can see, edit, and remove your own collection
  • Shared collection: When you collaborate on a collection with people in a space, people can add, or remove items within your collection but can not rename or delete your collection.



How to add through discovery?

  • Click on "+" icon next to any creators, sounds, hashtags, songs, artists, and albums to add to the collection.


How to add from report screen?

  • Click on "+" icon at the header area. Next to your searched sound, profile, or tag.


How to import an item to a collection

  • Search for Tiktok url or spotify url, copy & paste. The system will prompt you with the best match/options.



How to import large list to a collection

  • Upload a csv file with a list of tiktok URLs, it could be a tiktok URL that goes to a hashtag, a creator, or a sound.


How to export my list from a collection

  • Click on "export icon" and select the file format you preferred.


How to delete a collection

Only collector creator/owner can delete a collection


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