Why isn't this TikTok sound in my catalog or in my catalog email alerts?

Yoav Zimmerman
Yoav Zimmerman
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There are a few reasons why a sound may not be appearing in song/artist/album report, catalog, or catalog email alerts. Here are explanations for this issue you might be experiencing.

Spotify ID or ISRC is not in your organization's catalog

The catalog of your organization is managed by an administrator from your organization sharing a set of ISRC's or Spotify IDs with Trendpop. To check if there is a song that isn't in your catalog, go to the Song Report by copy pasting the Spotify URL in the top bar of Trendpop:


Do you see the expected sound in the Sounds tab?

If you see it, Trendpop knows that this sound exists and is associated with this song, but it does not know that the song is part of your catalog. In this case, contact your organization administrator who manages the catalog ingestion process to ask them to add this song, or send a direct email to support@trendpop.social to ask us to add the song to your catalog.

Sound does not appear in the relevant song/artist/album report

If the sound does not appear in the relevant song report, then this is a music reconciliation issue -- see "Why isn't this TikTok sound in my song / artist / album report?" to find out more.

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