Why isn't this TikTok sound appearing in my song/artist/album reports?

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Any song in the background of a TikTok video will be reported in the Sound report for a song. You can first verify that the sound should be available in your reports by viewing the sound report in the Song section, or by performing a search in the Sound section.

Note: You must have an Agency or Agency Pro plan to to view the Song search feature. The Standard subscription tier does not have this feature. Sound searches, however, are available for all paid tiers.


Viewing a sound report using the Sound search

Go to the Sound section in your dashboard and type the name of the song you want to review  in the filter bar. If you are unsure of the full exact name of the song, you can type parts of it as individual search terms, and Trendpop will find it. You can view this sample search here in your Trendpop dashboard.



Click on the song that represents the sound you want to view and click the See Sound Report. The report will open, and you can verify that the sound is in a specific video.




Viewing a sound report using the Song search

Another option is to find the sound in the Song search. Click the Song option in the discovery tool and type the name of the song in the filter bar. For this search, you must know the exact name of the song instead of typing individual phrases. You can open this specific example in your dashboard here.



Click the See Sound Report for the song creator to view information about the sound. This report is specific to the creator instead of the song, so it gives you unique information for the sound. A sound could have several variants, so this report will give you information based on the creator rather than the original song.


If you still do not see the sound in your report

If you have identified a TikTok sound that you believe should belong in a Song report but isn't, this might be a merge that our automated system missed. Please send an email to support@trendpop.social including: 

  1. Song Report Trendpop URL
  2. Sound Report Trendpop URL

And our team will manually make the change for you shortly afterwards.

For a technical dive on why our system may miss matching certain sounds, see What are the technical reasons why Trendpop might not correctly associate a TikTok sound with a musical track?


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