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Ruby Yu
Ruby Yu
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The audio reconciliation improvement V2 is deployed, tested, and officially turned on from this point forward! 

We have run it on the ~5000 most viral tracks on our charts right now

Amongst those, we increased our total matched ISRCs from 2,461 sounds with matches to 3,975, an increase of 60% on that subset! Pretty happy with the results.

Audio Reconciliation tool

A tool within Trendpop that allows users to uncover undiscovered sounds on TikTok via our proprietary audio recognition technology. The audio reconciliation tool detects both official and original sounds and matches sounds with Trendpop's Artist, Song, and Album reports.


What is it?

Tracking a song on TikTok is different from tracking one individual sound. A song can have multiple versions of the same sound used on TikTok. Tracking all the different versions is important, but not easy! Trendpop's advanced audio reconciliation tool helps you quickly and easily identify covers, remixes, mashups, slowed-down sounds, and sped-up sounds and match them back to songs you want to track. Let Trendpop help you track your music properly and more accurately!


How It Works:

Check out our audio reconciliation feature with songs, and artists you are tracking through...

Use Spotify Links to Enable Audio Reconciliation
Trendpop Song Reports
Trendpop Artist Reports

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