What's the easiset way to find how a song, artist, or album is performing on TikTok?

Yoav Zimmerman
Yoav Zimmerman
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Trendpop newest features let you analyze performance on songs, artists, and albums. Viewing reports for these items is similar to viewing reports for artists, songs, videos and influencers.


You can view performance for songs, artists, or albums two ways:

  • Use the search function to find them.
  • Copy and paste a link to the song, artist or album.

Use the search function to find a song, artist or link

Go to the Artist section in the Discover toolbox and type an artist into the search box.



Click the artist to see their performance.



Copy and paste a song, artist or link

If you have the Spotify Website URL of the song (example: https://open.spotify.com/track/28JBD8p18xNuOfyV7Cotdn?si=2dd8eb3308bb4899), copy paste the URL into the top of the search bar.

Click on the result that crops up to go to the report page of the Spotify song. 



You can now see a report for the artist.


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