How do I view all the mentions of a TikTok creator?

Yoav Zimmerman
Yoav Zimmerman
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Mentions are an indicator for popularity for a specific influencer. Trendpop features include tracking for the number of mentions across social media including likes, shares, views, and comments. You can view the number of mentions for any influencer with a TikTok link or from a search.


First, go to the creators profile by copy-pasting the TikTok web link in the top search bar: 



You can also get to a creator's profile by clicking "Discover" and typing the creator's name in search:



Click on the creator, and then click "Go to Creator Report."


Once you have a creator report available, click on the "Mentions" tab to see information about all of the profiles mentions. 


If you want to export all of the videos that have the profile mentioned to a CSV file, scroll down to the "Videos" table and click on the export button:


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