I am trying to create a new collection, but the button is unresponsive.

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Ruby Yu
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Many features in Trendpop use popups so that you can make changes or enter configurations. Ad blockers will block these popups and stop you from using your dashboard effectively. Most ad blockers have a feature that let you turn off blocking for a specific website. To make the most of Trendpop's features, turn off your ad block tool for the Trendpop site. For example, follow these instructions to stop uBlock from blocking Trendpop and follow these instructions to stop AdBlock from blocking Trendpop.


After you turn off your ad blocker for the Trendpop site, continue on with these steps to verify that you can now add a collection to your account.

When you are in collections, click on "Create New Collection" to add a new collection.


If the page button seems unresponsive, please check your ad-blocker and make sure your ad-blocker is disabled.


Once the ad-blocker is disabled, the popup to add a new collection should appear.


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