How do I export the top TikTok videos for a musical artist?

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Yoav Zimmerman
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There are times that you want to export top videos on TikTok for a specific artist to import it into your own system, analyze it, or create reports. Trendpop has a feature that lets you find an artist, review a list of videos, and then export it to a CSV file, which can be opened by your favorite spreadsheet tool (e.g., Excel) for further review.


First, get the Spotify URL for an artist by searching that artist on Google or looking up their Spotify link in the Spotify application: 


For example the Spotify URL for Justin Bieber is:


Next, copy-paste that URL in the top search bar of the dashboard and click on the corresponding dropdown link: 


Tip: The artist report page might take up to a few minutes to load if the artist has many sounds on TikTok. 


Navigate to the Content tab and set the appropriate date range for the TikTok videos you'd like to pull. The maximum amount of TikTok videos that can be returned is 5,000. The default date range is "All Time", but you can use some of the presets on the right by selecting "Last 7 days", "Last 30 days" or "Last 90 days". 




Scroll down to the "Videos" page and click the Export icon in the top left to export the videos to CSV: 


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