How Trendpop can help me craft a campaign pitch?

Ruby Yu
Ruby Yu
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Crafting a winning influencer campaign pitch often involves lengthy research and data analysis. Trendpop can help! 

We have the data and the analytic tools to help you:

  1. Find creators that best fit the brand.
  2. Identify and recommend content that helps the campaign go viral.
  3. Suggest a campaign budget based on the engagement and performance of similar brands.

Watch a Tutorial Video: ▶️ 


This article will help you use Trendpop to craft a winning campaign pitch!


Trendpop Discovery Tool - Research Influencers the easy way

  • Use our creator discovery tool to find the right type of influencers for your campaign



  • Click on “Go To Creator Report” to find out more detail about the influencer


  • If you already have a list of creator rosters, use the creator handle or TikTok URL to get to the report page directly.



Find an influencer that interests you, and analyze the influencer for your campaign.

  • The creator report page gives in-depth analysis of a creator's audience demographic, content, and mentions. The related tab also offers insight into related creators, sounds, and hashtags associated to this creator. 


Trendpop Collection Tool - Organize your list in one single view, then re-analysis

  • Add a creator to your own collection using the + icon


  • Or add an influencer's TikTok URL quickly using the "Upload CSV File" feature.


  • Use our Collection tool to organize your handpicked creator, sound, hashtag, and more.
    You can even export the list if you wish to organize the data in your favorite spreadsheet software like Excel.


Trendpop Mention Tool - Know your competitive landscape

  • Add hashtag, creators (or other terms) to compare.




Now you have all the data you need to put together a well-crafted influencer marketing campaign. Good luck and happy pitching!



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