What is the best way to generate a list of the most viewed TikTok creators in categories comedy, scripted comedy, and performance?

Ruby Yu
Ruby Yu
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You can search any category using the Trendpop discovery tool for creators. If you want to search for creators in the comedy sector, one way to find comedian influencers is to use the search term "stand up" for stand-up comedians You can, however, search for any category in the Trendpop discovery tool for any profession, interests, hobbies, entertainment, etc.

Suppose that you want to search for stand-up comedians. You can type the term "stand up" in the filter bar to get all comedians with stand-up profiles.



Click here to open the search in your Trendpop dashboard. You can also type "comedian," "standup," or "comedy" to get a list of creators. Click any creator in the list and then click "Go to Creator Report" to view performance for your chosen creator in your search.


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