What do you need to do in Trendpop to search for multiple tags at the same time?

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Ruby Yu
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The Trendpop discovery tool has a section for searching hashtags. By default, typing multiple terms into the filter will discover all tags that match individual hashtags. Let's use the example of finding "bridal" and "shower." First, type "bridal" into the filter will find the #bridal hashtag.



Notice that you have various additional filters that you can apply to your search, such as country (in this example United States), view count, visibility, category, and more. You can use these filters to further drill down to specific hashtags.

Now, if you want to search for an additional term, like "shower," type "shower" into the filter, and you will see #shower show up in your list.



Click on #bridal or #shower to see performance and analysis for these two hashtags.

You can experiment with a wider range of results by eliminating all additional filters from the drop-down options. In this example, hashtags are filtered to only show creators in the United States. Removing this filter shows creators from around the globe, which gives you more results.



Click here to view the hashtag discovery in your own Trendpop dashboard.


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