How to Crack TikTok for Music Industries

Ruby Yu
Ruby Yu
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Sounds on TikTok are where it’s at. A TikTok trend is everything from dances, to short skits, to in-app filters, to in-app features (like using the Duet or Stitch), to themed edits and photo montages – all using the same sound. Let’s face it -- a TikTok trend can make a song go viral like nothing else can.

Of course, some sound or song will matter more to your business. Trendpop has the data and the tools to help you:

  1. Build your own sound and song catalog easily.
  2. Track your sounds, artists, and albums as they go viral.
  3. Recreate virality by providing you with insights on the what and why behind it.

Watch a Tutorial Video: ▶️ 

This article will show you how Trendpop helps you crack TikTok trends and monitor International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) that matter most to you.

How to build a catalog on Trendpop?

  • Supply us with a list of ISRCs or/and your Spotify IDs and we will build your catalog for you. 


How do I know if my sound/song/artist/album is trending?

  • Monitor how they rank based on timeframe and other metrics.
  • Go to sound report and view more detail on the sound.


  • Watch for the viral score at the sound discovery tab.


  • Watch for the viral sound at the album reports


  • Search for your album with a Spotify URL


  • Our data are refreshed frequently so you will be the first to know



  • Set up catalog alerts so you are always in the know.


How Trendpop helps me understand trends. so I can recreate it?

  • A sound can trend for many reasons. You can check in the sound report to search for various clues, such as fans.


  • Hashtags


  • Categories


  • View the data based on historical views to help you better identify when it started to trend… and much more!



Today on TikTok, things go viral all the time – viral on TikTok can potentially lead to a major label bidding war. Discover your trends & artists early to catch the wave!

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