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Influencer marketing strategies are more difficult to navigate than ever as a brand, but we’re here with a guide to help you navigate through it all. When you partner with a social media influencer, your brand reputation grows based on how much authority they have. Likewise, an influencer’s reputation depends on which brands they endorse. It is a win-win relationship if paired correctly.

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This article gives you tips to help unlock your brand's influencer marketing potential.

How Trendpop helps me find the right influencers

  • Use our creator discovery tool to find the right type of influencers for your campaign.


  • Click on “Go to Creator Report” to find out more detail about the influencer.


  • If you already have a creator roster, use the creator handle or TikTok URL to get to the report page directly.


Analyze the perfect Influencer for your campaign.

  • Creator report page gives in depth analysis of creator's audience demographic, content, and mentions. The related tab also offers insight on related creators, sounds, and hashtags associated with this creator. 


How Trendpop helps me with creator outreach

  • Use the creator contacts filter to quickly sort out creator’s available communication channels. From there, you can choose to email or DM them through various social platforms.


How to decide on campaign content/message using Trendpop’s viral spotting tool

  • Filtered by virality and quickly find sounds going viral.


  • Avoid or find original sounds that might a spin-off from an official sound


  • Filtered by virality and quickly find hashtags going viral


How to track influencer marketing campaigns with Trendpop Collection Tool

  • Add a creator to your own collection using the + icon


  • Or add influencer TikTok URL quickly using a csv file upload feature


  • Use our collection tool to organize your hand pick creator, sound, hashtag, and more.
    You can even export the collection list if you wish to organize the data elsewhere!



How to monitor a competitive landscape with Trendpop Mention Tool

  • Add hashtag, creators (or other terms) to compare your brand engagement against other relevant competitors.




Influencer marketing is ripe with opportunities for the brands….. Let Trendpop help your brand adapt to the changing trends and strategies to stay relevant in the influencer marketing industry.

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