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New to Trendpop? We’ve crafted this tutorial to help you use Trendpop’s features to discover trends, analyze reports, and so much more. Using this guide, you’ll be able to unlock your maximum TikTok potential through our platform. Buckle up– you’re in for quite the ride!


Note that different subscription tiers of Trendpop can unlock different features. If there’s a tool mentioned here that you currently don’t have access to, contact your account manager to adjust your subscription plans.


The homepage

Upon signing into Trendpop, you’ll be taken to the homepage– your personal hub. This page provides a high-level overview of the latest insights you need to know, including the following:

  • Search bar


At the very top of every page on the Trendpop platform, you’ll find the universal search bar. This is your go-to for finding any item (video, sound, creator, etc) you’re interested in– and to make things easier, clicking a term you find here will take you directly to the report page for that item!

  • Favorites
    Users have the option to pin their favorite TikTok items or Spotify songs for quick and easy access.


  • Featured Entities
    At a glance, users can view the currently trending creators, sounds, and hashtags that they should keep an eye on. For each trending item, you’re also able to view its performance at the current moment.



The discover tab offers a robust search engine indexing items all across TikTok. Users have the option to choose between the following search categories:


Within each category, you’ll also be able to filter results on various terms according to your needs with filter options differing across category types.

For example, the creator search allows you to specify a follower range, minimum view count/engagement, account type, demographic information, and content category– making it incredibly easy to find a creator that fits each of these criteria.

For sounds and hashtags, another interesting option to explore is virality– this indicates how popular a given item is relative to all others in its category across the TikTok platform. Items are categorized by Trendpop on how much they are “blowing up” at the current moment. Time is of the essence when it comes to staying on top of trends, thus this information can be extremely valuable for spotting current as well as upcoming trends as soon as they appear.


Within each search, you will also find different ways in which you can sort the results. For example, the sounds category provides the option to view sounds in order of video usage success in terms of different metrics. You’ll also be able to specify a date and time range for most of these options, making it simple to stay current on data as well as view historical backlogs of information to spot patterns.


These are just a few of our favorite ways to use the search tool, but the possibilities are endless! Try playing around with the options to find videos, creators, and more that suit exactly what you’re looking for. To learn more here!


Once you’ve found a sound, user, or hashtag you’re particularly interested in, it’s time to dive deep. Trendpop’s Report tab allows you to generate a comprehensive, detailed report on any TikTok item or Spotify URL you pass it. To learn more here!

  • Overview
    At first glance, you’ll be able to check how your item is performing in terms of views, likes, shares, comments, overall growth, and more. Options such as the Video Category Breakdown will also display exactly what video types your item might fall into so that you can better understand the context in which it is used.


  • Creator Demographics
    Ever wondered who exactly is behind the screen? The Creator Demographics breakdown answers just that, with detailed analytics on the audience of your search term including their gender, age, country, and primary language. This information can also be especially useful when you want to reach a particular audience.


  • Sounds


Trendpop carries an unique ability to detect associated sounds with a video or even another existing sound. Since TikTok is home to both official and original sounds, it’s easy to find spinoffs, remixes, and more of the songs you already love while also gaining insights on how they might be similarly used.

  • Fans/Mentions
    The Fans tab allows you to view the associated creators for a given search item– with this feature, users can see who the top-performing users participating in a certain trend or using a sound are. Trendpop even provides the exact frequency of videos as well as more options on filtering based on time period.


For creators, the Mentions tab allows users to view associated creators and the videos that they tag the original creator in.


  • Content/Related
    In addition to the engagement information on the Overview page, you can get even more insight into the exact sorts of videos generating views/likes/shares with a given sound or hashtag in the Content tab. For creators, the Related tab features the items associated with it.


Here, you’ll be able to view anything from commonly used/complementary hashtags to related profiles and sounds.




The more, the merrier! Once you’ve found a few creators, hashtags, sounds, or videos that you like it’s easy to keep track of them all in one place using the Collections tab. Simply click the “+” button and type in a search term to add a new item to your list.


Here, you’ll be able to visit every item in the collection easily as well as make comparisons between each of them and how they are performing. Additionally, you’ll be able to export a csv file with complete data on your collection using the download button on the top left corner.

Once created, a collection’s visibility can also be adjusted so that you can share your finds with your organization. You can create as many collections as you’d like, so keeping track of different interests and projects has never been easier! To learn more here!


Just when you thought Trendpop’s search engine couldn’t get more powerful… here comes the Mentions tab! By hunting down any keywords you pass it across TikTok, the Mentions search looks for videos and sounds with matching terms or titles. Since you can perform this action for any video or sound, it’s easy to compare results across multiple searches.


In addition to comparing search terms against one another, it’s also possible to combine terms together and aggregate results using the Mention tab. With the freedom to choose multiple keywords to match, your search can get even more specific– making it simple and straightforward to find exactly what you need! To learn more here!



You can manage your Trendpop settings on an organizational level in the Settings tab. By clicking Organization, you can view further details about your group or company’s plan type and seat availability, as well as view existing users and invite new ones. To learn more here!



Trendpop provides a new, intelligent way to gain insight on TikTok. All of the features we’ve mentioned carry the flexibility of customization to suit your own purposes, making your experience tailored just for you. While we’ve covered quite a few use cases, this is just the beginning– you can use these tools and so many more by beginning your journey on Trendpop here.



Advanced Tools

Trendpop features various advanced tools offered to our enterprise users that may not be covered by this introduction. These features can vary depending on your subscription, so don't hesitate to ask your account manager about what types of tools Trendpop offers and how they can help you achieve your goals! 

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